Minutes 4th August 2008


1.1 Declaration of interest


2.1 To approve the minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on 12th May 2008 (as circulated)
2.2 Moveable SID’s – approve sites for the rest of the year and feedback.
2.3 Update of old signposts – cheque received to cover the cost of the paint.
2.4 Adopt the Financial Orders and Standing Orders.
2.5 Salt bins – Sandwath and Brocklebank – one bin has been purchased by JC. Agree to purchase more and build into the budget.
2.6 New Clerk – welcome Mrs Watson.
2.7 Community Travel Plan – feedback from last meeting


3.1 Parish Website is now up and running – confirm who is to update it and how often?
3.2 Highways Stewards scheme – update on information.
3.3 Red Dials “Slow down Signs” update.
3.4 Water running on Brocklebank – kerbing.


4.1 Information of the accounts – as at 18/07/08 £526.29 current and £25.96 reserve
4.2 Notification of payments made – CALC £178.50, Northern Fells Minibus £200.00, Parish Website £32.87 and Mr Watson £2.00.
4.3 Approve payments – Mr Coulthard, Salt bin £40.00, Brian Hall Accountancy £30.00, Cumbria County Council, SIDS £50.00, Wigton Swimming Pool and Rosley Play Area donations?
4.4 Organise the change of signatory on the current account and change of address for correspondence.
4.5 To agree, that as in our new Financial Orders a Budget for 2009/10 be sent out with the agenda for the next meeting. This will help us agree on and set the Precept.


5.1 Applications received since last meeting

5.1.1 Application no 2/2008/0468 The Mire, Westward Wigton – demolition of vacant cottages and erection of new dwelling.
5.1.2 Application no 2/2008/0502 Arqiva Caldbeck Transmitting Station, Brocklebank, Caldbeck, Wigton – proposed equipment cabin.
5.1.3 Application no 2/2008/0471 Mr Jonathon Stamper, Kirkstead Farm, Rosley, Wigton – conversion of barns into 2 dwellings.
5.1.4 Application no 2/2008/0291 Mr J Pigg, Reathwaite Farm, Brocklebank, Wigton – proposed additional broiler units.
5.1.5 Application no 2/2008/0534 Mr Anthony Harrison, Beckbottom, Beckbottom Road, Westward, Wigton – erection of 2 cottages (resubmission to 2/2007/1272)
5.1.6 Application no 2/2208/0542 Mrs Ceri Key, Fernwood House, Warblebank, Wigton – extension to dwelling.
5.1.7 Application no 2/2008/0471 Mr Jonathon Stamper, Kirkstead Farm, Rosley, Wigton – conversion of barns into 2 dwellings (re-consultation on planning application).
5.2 Application decided by Allerdale BC
5.2.1 Application no 2/2008/0116 Mr John Graham, Greenside, High Brackenthwaite, Wigton – GRANTED
5.2.2 Application no 2/2008/0282 Mr Mark Walker, The Slack, West Woodside, Wigton – GRANTED listed building consent
5.2.3 As above – GRANTED
5.2.4 Application no 2/2008/0300 Mr Mark Walker, The Slack, West Woodside, Wigton – GRANTED
5.2.5 Application no 2/2008/0368 Mr A Skelton, Barn E, Islekirk Hall, Westward, Wigton – Granted listed building consent
5.2.6 Application no 2/2008/0397 Mr S Grainger, 2 Bostonside, East Woodside, Wigton – GRANTED
5.2.7 Application no 2/2008/0468 Mrs Barbara Young, The Mire, Westward, Wigton – GRANTED
5.2.8 Application no 2/2008/0502 Arqiva Caldbeck Transmitting Station, Brocklebank, Caldbeck – GRANTED


6.1 Mrs West – Parish Council website update.

6.2 CALC – newsletters, Greater influence for local councils, new EU Funding programmes, Guide to Planning, meeting information, Website information, Courses update.
6.3 Allerdale Area Support – new website, Agenda, Minutes.
6.4 Highways Agency – Maps of roadwork’s NW.
6.5 Resource Cumbria – Annual Review documents.
6.6 ACE – introduction to sustainable communities’ workshop.
6.7 Allerdale BC – Standards Committee agenda, Parishes Allowances, Code of Conduct Training, Mental Health Consultation, BT proposal to re-align payphone provision, Environmental Services Consultation.
6.8 Cumbria CC – Cumbria in Bloom 2009, Changes to contracted bus services.
6.9 Cumbria NHS – Mental health services in Cumbria.
6.10 Watchtree newsletter.
6.11 Clerks and Council Direct.
6.12 BT – re-align payphone provision.
6.13 Cumbria Police Authority – recruitment, Introduction of new Inspector.
6.14 Local Development Framework – Core strategies.
6.15 VAC – Community planning workshops.
6.16BTCV – introduction


7.1 Brought by members
7.2 Brought by Councillor Fairbairn
7.3 Brought by members of the public
7.4 Brought by Clerk


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