Westward now has a website ( and Rosley has its own website (

Broadband provision in rural areas remains a problem and there remain areas of the parish where broadband is not available.  The possibility of improving this through use of WiMax technology is being investigated.  This would provide faster broadband access and have the capacity to be an intranet provider for the benefit of the community.  Contact has been made with the newly formed North Allerdale Development Trust: we are waiting to hear whether or not they agree to some funding for CHUMS (Community Health User Monitoring Service).  This is a very exciting project which could lead to much improved assistance from and within the community: the idea of assistive technology is much discussed nationally at the moment and it would be good if our parish could be significant in its development  We have been contacted by Daniel Heery, a Social Enterprise Ambassador, who is keen to discuss the possibilities of promoting the Wimax intranet to assist in e-Health.  A small scale project is being developed in Alston Cumbria, another rural area with communication problems, and we hope to mirror some of what is happening there. It is a very good way of using limited funds to support people who wish to continue to live in their own homes as they grow older. The scheme would operate under the name of CHUMS and will be supported in its feasibility stages by the Northern Fells Group: we are applying for a grant in conjunction with them to investigate the feasibility of the project.

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