Facilities in the Community


The school now have their playing field: they have developed a play area and summer house within the school grounds.

Facilities for the young.

Fund-raising activities are on-going to raise funds for a new play area on Rosley Hall field.  As this would be to the benefit of all children in the parish it was suggested that the Parish Council may be willing to commit money to the scheme over the next few years.  It was reported that something in the region of £40,000 was required with about £8,000 collected so far.  It was suggested that the County Council had money available which is expressly for sports facilities and the eligibility of the scheme for some of this money will be investigated.  Anyone with ideas for fund-raising, or, even better, offers of sponsorship should contact Sonia Charters@aol.com

The Halls

Westward halls have undergone extensive renovations to the kitchens and the toilet areas.  This was funded by a grant from the Wilkinson Trust. Further upgrades are planned.

Rosley hall has acquired additional land which will be useful both for additional parking and for outdoor events.  A new dance floor has been laid in the main hall and the next phase planned is to improve insulation, paint the exterior and create a wildlife area.

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