Minutes 10th November 2008

Westward Parish Council

MINUTES of Meeting held on Monday 10th November 2008 Westward Hall


PRESENT: Mr. Brown, Mr. Coulthard, Mrs. Graves, Mr. Holliday, Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Robinson, Mr. Studholme, Mr. Watson & Councillor D.Fairbairn.

1.  APOLOGIES -    Mr F.Shaw, Mr J. Atkinson

1.1Declaration of interest – none


2.1 The Parish Council minutes from the 12th May 2008 were agreed and signed.

2.2 The Highway Steward has started his new post. He has asked that only B.B for rosleyand E.H for   westward should approach him with any problems. J.R. still has concerns re the road at Brocklebank. 13 parishes

2.3 Moveable SIDS – letter from the police asking for a decision to be brought to their next meeting on the 20th Nov 08. Councillors agreed Option B. B.B & A.W to attend.

Permenant SIDS – Letter read out from County Council they have agreed new funding for two devices, but will take a couple of months to manufacture.


3.1 Proposed New Tesco store, Wigton. D.F. spoke about the impact it will have on Westward, with two major juntions ( Red Dial and Street Road Ends) used for road links. Extra hgv’s at all times delivering. The Chairman asked the clerk to write to Allerdale BC and the Highways voicing councillor’s concerns.


4.1 The Financial Report as at 31st October 2008 was considered. Current account as at 10th Nov £37348.92 and reserve £25.98.

4.2 Budget Plan was discussed and agreed. Precept to be increased by £500 to £5500 to cover aditional costs for year 2009/2010. See Budget planner at end of minutes.

4.3 Audit agreed and put on notice boards.

4.4 Bank account now in place with I.J and A.W on and L.G off.


Resolved that the accounts listed be paid

5.1 BDO Audit - £141

5.2 Mr J. Coulthard £40

5.3 Mr Morrison – grass cutting two years £80

5.4 Rosley Hall £300

5.5 Westward Halls £300

5.6 Mrs L. Giles £200


6.1 Applications received since last meeting

6.1.1 Application no 2/2008/0608 Mr David Bliss, Messrs Bliss - Development agricultural portal framed building,Brackenridge, Brackenthwaite, Wigton.

6.1.2 Application 2/2008/0835 Mr John Stanyer - Erection of Wind Turbine, Wallace Lane Farm, Brocklebank, Wigton

6.1.3 Application 2/200800851 Ms Victoria Edmundson - Alterations and extensions to create enlarged ground floor reception room and kitchen, first floor sitting room, study and replacement bedroom, and fit second master bedroom suite. 2 Carwath Cottages, Rosley, Wigton.

6.2 Applications approved by Allerdale BC

6.2.1 Application no 2/2008/0534 Mr Anthony Harrison, Beckbottom, Beckbottom Road, Westward Wigton – GRANTED

6.2.2 Application no 2/2008/0471 Mr Martin Overend, Kirkstead Farm, Rosley, Wigton - GRANTED

6.2.3 Application no 2/2008/0542 Mr John Singer, Fernwood House, Warblebank, Wigton – GRANTED

6.2.4 Application no 2/2008/0291 Mr. J. Pigg WR Pigg & Son – GRANTED

6.3 The Chairman spoke about planning permission approval and it was agreed the clerk will be given the go ahead to agree/disagree plans.

6.4 Hazzard sign on the Wigton – Caldbeck road at the junction for Bolton New Houses needs replacing.

JC spoke of his concerns abou standing water at Stocks farm water B5305 at rosley, water running down Brocklebank.



7.1 Various CALC

7.2 Cumbria County Council, various- Rural Wheels (on display)

7.3 ABC – BT proposal to re-align pay phone provision in Allerdale (summary)

7.4 Highways – Helping you with your journeys (on display)

7.5 Communities & Local government

7.6 Clerk & Councils – Sept Issue



8.1 The Clerk to approach Allerdale BC and Highways with regard to a new road sign for the A595.



12th February 2009 at 7.30 p.m at Rosley Village Hall.





10th November 2008 BUDGET PLANNING 2008-09


OPENING BALANCE                                                                                              £7348.92



Sign Posts - Parish Plan   800

The Wilkinson Trust        1000

County Council                 425

                                       2225                                                                                £5123.92



Audit                     141

Mr J. Coulthard      40

Mr P. Morrison      80

Mrs L. Giles         200

                             461                                                                                        £4662.92



CALC subscription         178.50

B. Hall - Accountant         30

Link Sponsorship            200

Clerk wages                   620

Office/Postage expenses   20

Village Hall - rents            80

Insurance                        225___

                                     1353.50                                                                             £3309.42


TO CONSIDER - Approved

Village Hall     £300 each          600

Church Yards £100 each          200

Gt North Ambulance                200

Wigton Baths                           100

Reserve account                    1309.42

                                             2409.42                                                                     £900



It was agreed to transfer Sign Post allocation into reserve and allocate when needed. £2225 + £1309.42 (Reserve account - £3534.42)



BALANCE TO CARRY FORWARD                                                                        £900








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