Roads and Transport

The width restrictions imposed on Parish roads have been a great success and it was generally agreed that the verges have recovered but more importantly it was felt that the roads were safer for all.  The continuing monitoring of the restriction is an excellent example of self-help in the Community, which is one of the reasons a community Plan was wanted.


Grants of £1000 have been obtained from both the Wilkinson Trust and Friends of the Lake District, Cumbria County Council have agreed to provide £425 to cover the cost of materials.  Work should begin before the end of the year.

It was observed that Brackenthwaite has no indication of its position, although it is indicated on signposts.  Mr Shaw will investigate the cost of the addition of a roundel to the existing finger post in the hamlet.


The parish council has agreed to the purchase of salt bins which would be a major contribution to road safety in icy conditions.  The County Council will fill bins once purchased.  As they cost in the region of £120 an application for a grant to purchase them was submitted to the Wilkinson Trust: the application was refused.  The Trust and CCC suggest raising the necessary money on the precept. The purchase of ten bins would cost the Parish Council in the region of £1200: this would mean an average Council Tax increase of £3.00 per household for one year.

Cumbria Travel Plan

This is about to be launched.  Several members of the Parish attended a meeting in April in Rosley Village Hall: the follow-up to that meeting took place in Sebergham Hall on June 17th 2008 where there was an opportunity to prioritise the list of wishes indicated at the original meeting.  These fell into a number of categories dependent upon whether they would benefit people’s safety, public transport, road safety etc. Although the budget for this work is limited it is an attempt by Allerdale Local Committee (part of CCC) to discover the interests of the people of the parishes.

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