Chairman’s seasonal greetings

In a year of change we said goodbye to our Parish Clerk Mrs Louise Giles with our thanks on your behalf for all her hard work, and welcomed Mrs Ann Watson from Cunningarth. An experienced and very able replacement.

The problems with the SID’s (Speed Indication Devices) will hopefully be resolved soon and we will be able to deploy them locally and more freqently in the new year.

A new initiative from the County Council, The Higway Stewards, will hopefully improve our local roads and byeway’s.  We will have the services of one man for one week on a thirteen week cycle to work exclusively for the Partish Council on a pre-determined programme. at our request, as well as working on his own initative.  Please welcome Mr Graham Strong into our Parish and pool our local knowledge for the future.

Please come to our meetings where we can discuss any concerns you have and hopefully help to find solutions.

Meanwhile have a happy and joyful Christmas in these difficult times.

With all the best to you all,

Bill Brown

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