Draft Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 9th February 2009

Westward Parish Council

MINUTES of Meeting held on Monday 9th February 2009 at Rosley Village Hall

PRESENT: Mr. Atkinson, Mr. Brown, Mr. Coulthard, Mrs. Graves, Mr. Holliday, Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Robinson, Mr. Shaw, Mr. Studholme, Mr. Watson & Councillor D.Fairbairn.

1. APOLOGIES – none

1.1 Declaration of interest – Mr R.Studholme – planning application for his daughter at Studfold, Westward.


     2.1      The Parish Council minutes from the 10th November 2008 were agreed and signed.

     2.2      Moveable SID’s – B.B. and A.W attended a meeting with Cumbria Police,Cumbria County Council and other council members involved with the SID’s. A decision was taken the the SID scehme would re-                commence as per option C. Police to organise a rota for delivery Attending meeting 12th February to see the improved SID’s and finalise details with other councils and police.

                Permenant SID’s – nothing to discuss.



     3.1      Councillor Fairburn spoke at length about the might of Tesco, how good they are and it it almost certain the new store at Wigton will be built eventually. What we need to be doing as a Parish Council is  seeking a safer environment for the two road junctions at Red Dial and The Street on the A595 and demand roundabouts. Clerk to write to Allerdale Borough Council and the Highways department to that effect.           

    3.2      A.W. Spoke about the damage to the Millennium metal seat on the Red Dial to Wigton road. Two quotes have been received and sent to Mr Thomlinson’s insurance company.

    3.3      Tracen Tree. There as been a bad accident at the junction and councillors have asked the clerk to write to Allerdale and the Highways to voice their concern about safety.

    3.4       Council to agreed to adopt Model Publication Scheme from 1st January 2009.



     4.1       The Financial Report as at 31st January 2009 was considered and approved. Current account stands at £2553.50 and reserve £3534.75.



     Resolved that the accounts listed be paid.

     Clerk’s salary and training expenses £640, £300 each to Village Halls, Gt North Ambulance £200, Wigton Baths £100, Link £200, CALC sub £178.50,

     Accountant £30, Village Hall Rent £80, Insurance £225.



     6.1 Applications received since last meeting

           6.1.1 Application 2/200800851 Ms Victoria Edmundson – Re-consultation Alterations and extensions to create enlarged ground floor reception room and kitchen, first floor sitting room, study and replacement bedroom, and fit second floor master bedroom suite. 2 Carwath Cottages, Rosley, Wigton.

           6.1.2 Application 2/2008/0972 Mr Anthony Giles MIG Surveying Ltd – Proposed partial conversion of tack room and stables and stores to home office. High Chalkside, Rosley,  Wigton.

           6.1.3 Application 2/200800992 Mr John Stanyer – Conversion of single storey outbuildings to holiday let accommodation. Wallace Lane Farm Brocklebank, Wigton.

           6.1.4 Application 2/2008/0994 Ms Sarah Studholme- Proposed new 4 bedroom detached dwelling and detached double garage. Meadow Field, Studfold, Wigton.

 6.2 Applications approved by Allerdale

            6.2.1 Application 2/2008/0835 Mr John Stanyer - Erection of Wind Turbine, Wallace Lane Farm, Brocklebank, Wigton- GRANTED



      7.1 Various CALC

      7.2 Cumbria County Council

      7.3 Allerdale borough council – Local Development Framework inc DVD

      7.4 The Feel Good Group – re Joyce Wilkinson Trust

      7.5 Communities and Local Government

      7.6 Clerk & Councils Direct

      7.7 Citizens Advice Allerdale

      7.8 Charity Bank

      7.9 Friends of the Lake District

      7.10 Cumbria Constabulary – Crime Mapping Westward

      7.11 Northern Fells Group - newsletter

      7.12 Sirocco Signs Ltd

      7.13 action with communities in cumbria

      7.14 Spinal Injuries Association



       8.1 Brought by Members.

            8.1.1 M.G has asked if reflectors or arrow signs be put on the corner at the end of the straight stretch of the East Woodside to Beckside road.

            8.1.2 Annual Parish Meeting to be held before AGM 11th May 2009 at Westward.

            8.1.3 M.G explained Rosley Play Area have raised £26,000 need £40000, work expected to start early summer.

            8.1.4 Police Surgeries at Thursby and Caldbeck see Link, Website.

            8.1.5 Salt bins - cheapest so far Cumbria Building Supplies £99 inc.VAT

            8.1.6 Signposts update – F.S. Nothing to report.

      8.2 Brought by Clerk

            8.2.1 Website Update – report by Clerk.



     Parish Meeting - 7pm 11th May 2009, Westward Village Hall, followed by AGM

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