Quarterly Meeting - Monday 11th May 2009

Westward Parish Council

1st May 2009

Dear Member,

Your attendance is required at the meeting of the Parish Council to be held on Monday 11th May 2009 at 7.30pm in Westward Halls.

Should you have any additions to the agenda please let the clerk know as soon as possible (tel 016973 42425).
Yours sincerely,

         Ann Watson
……………………………………………………………………………(Clerk to the Council)


  1.1 Declaration of Interests
  2.1 To approve the minutes of the last meeting of the Parish Council held on the 9th February 2009.    
  2.2 Update - SIDS
  2.3 New Tesco Store, Wigton extra traffic  
  2.4 Damage to seat – Red Dial to Wigton
  2.5 Highway Steward


  4.1 To consider the Financial Report Year Ending 31st March 2009  
  4.2 To accept Chairman sign accounts for District Auditor 

  5.1 Annual Subscription 2009/10     £187
  5.2 A.Watson  Clerks Induction Course 23rd April 2009  £18 

  6.1 Applications received since last meeting
   6.1.1 Application 220090238 Mr Michael Marrs – Change of use and conversion of barn to granny flat, lobby extension and errection of conservatory to main house.  Forrester Fold Farm, Westward, Wigton
   6.1.2 Application 2/2009/241 Mr William Miller W & M Miller – Proposed roof over existing livestock handling facilities.  Jenkin Cross Lowmoor Road,  Wigton.
   6.1.3 Application 2/2009/0256  Mr John Stanyer – Extension to farmhouse. Wallace Lane Farm Brocklebank, Wigton.
   6.1.4 Application 2/2009/0258 Mr Anthony Giles MIG Surveying Ltd – Proposed partial conversion of tack room and stables and stores to home office. High Chalkside, Rosley, Wigton. (Resubmission to 2/2008/0972)
   6.1.5 Application 2/2009/280 Mr William Hird – Single storey kitchen extension.Town Head Brocklebank, Caldbeck, Wigton.

  6.2 Applications approved by Allerdale
   6.2.1 Application 2/2008/0992 Mr John Stanyer – Conversion of single storey outbuildings to holiday let accomodation. GRANTED
  6.3 Applications refused by Allerdale
   6.3.1 Application 2/2008/0994 Ms Sarah Studholme – Proposed new four bedroomed detached dwelling and detached double garage - REFUSED

   7.1 Various CALC
   7.2 Cumbria County Council- Highways Temporary Road Closure Order
   7.3 Allerdale Borough Council- Housing Needs Assessments
   7.4 Digitaluk- Digital switchover in Westward
   7.5 Rosley PCC – thank you for £100 donation
   7.6 Clerks & Councils Direct
   7.7 Northern Fells Group - newsletter 
   7.8 Northern Gas – up to date information regarding High Pressure Gas Pipeline-Cummersdale to Bothel
   7.9 Adrian Francis – Westward Dog Day – Sunday 9th August- High Hall,Westward
   7.10 Cumbria Playing Fields Association – Affiliation Fees 2009/10
   7.11 Town and Parish Standard

  8.1 Brought by Members.
   8.1.1 M.G has asked for reflectors posts on the verge Oak Bank, Curthwaite
            Rosley Play Area – a request for funds for signage
            Salt Bins
            Signposts update
            Discussion about communication between meetings

  8.2 Brought by Clerk
   8.2.1 Euorpean Parliamentary & County Elections - Thursday 4th June 2009
   8.2.2 Website Update
   8.2.3 Feel Good Group - re Joyce Wilkinson Trust - no reply letter sent 18-03-09


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