Agenda - 17th August 2009

10th August 2009
Dear Member,

Your attendance is required at the meeting of the Parish Council to be held on Monday 17th August at 7.30pm in Rosley Village Hall.

Yours sincerely,
  Ann Watson

…………………………………………………………………………….(Clerk to the Council)


  1.1 Declaration of Interests
   Mr M. Watson & Mrs A. Watson – planning application 2/2009/0539 for    Broiler Units, at Cunningarth, Westward, Wigton.

  2.1 To approve the minutes of the last meeting of the Parish Council held on    the 12th May 2009.    
  2.2 Update - SIDS
  2.3 New Tesco Store, Wigton extra traffic, report by I.W.  
  2.4 Highway Steward
  2.5 Update road leading to Reathwaite
  2.6 Update Signs Post Progress
  2.7 Salt Bins

  4.1 Information of accounts- see attached summary report.
.  4.2 Cheque from The  Feel Good Group - re Joyce Wilkinson Trust

  To authorise payment of the following accounts
  5.1 Brian Hall Accountancy Services  £ 30
  5.2 Zurich Yearly Insurance   £205

  6.1 Applications received since last meeting
   6.1.1 Application 2/2009/0338 Mr Charles Chamberlain- Proposed agricultural building to provide indoor stabling and equipment     storage. Croft House, Westward, Wigton
   6.1.2 Application 2/2009/0377 Arqiva Ltd – Proposed erection of site security fence with associated access gates. Arqiva Transmitting     Station Brocklebank, Wigton.
   6.1.3 Application 2/2009/0395 Mr David Whittle – Erection of new entrance gates fixed within stone piers. Tracentree Low House,     Brackenthwaite, Wigton
   6.1.4 Application 2/2009/0446 Mr Haydon Price, Haydon Price Ltd - Listed building consent to repair barn roof. Longwath Farm,     Rosely, Wigton.
   6.1.5 Application 2/2009/0451 Mr George Bainbridge – Change of use from agricultural land to storage area. Beckbottom, Westward,     Wigton.
   6.1.6 Application 2/2009/0455 Mr S. Graham – New Overspill lagoon for slurry storage. Red Dial Cottages, Red Dial, Wigton.                        
   6.1.7 Application 2/2009/0503 Mr Lockhart – Change of use of part of farm for vehicle storage. Longwath Farm, Rosley, Wigton.
   6.1.8 Application 2/2009/0515 Governors of Rosley C of E School – Proposed sports pavilion. School Field, Rosley C of E School,     Rosley, Wigton.
   6.1.9 Applications 2/2009/0506 - phase 1, 2/2009/0507- Phase 2, 2/2009/0508 -  phase 3 and 2/2009/0509 phase 4 -  Mr TW Kitchen TW Kitchen & Son – Erection of free range poultry unit (including erection feed store
   6.1.10 Application 2/2009/0539  Mr P Watson – Proposed Broiler units,     Cunningarth, Westward, Wigton.
  6.2 Applications approved by Allerdale
   6.2.1 Application 2/2009/0238 Mr Michael Marrs – Change of use and     conversion of  barn to granny flat, lobby extension and erection of     conservatory to main house.  Forrester Fold Farm, Westward,     Wigton - GRANTED
   6.2.2 Application 2/2009/0241 Mr William Miller W & M Miller –     Proposed roof  over existing livestock handling facilities.  Jenkin     Cross Lowmoor Road, Wigton. - GRANTED
   6.2.3 Application 2/2009/0256  Mr John Stanyer – Extension to      farmhouse. Wallace Lane Farm Brocklebank, Wigton - GRANTED
   6.2.4 Application 2/2009/0258 Mr Anthony Giles MIG Surveying Ltd –     Proposed partial conversion of tack room and stables and stores to     home office. High Chalkside, Rosley, Wigton. (Resubmission to     2/2008/0972) - GRANTED
   6.2.5 Application 2/2009/0280 Mr William Hird – Single storey kitchen     extension,Town Head Brocklebank, Caldbeck,Wigton- GRANTED
   6.2.6 Application 2/2009/0338 Mr Charles Chamberlain- Proposed     agricultural building to provide indoor stabling and equipment     storage. Croft House, Westward, Wigton - GRANTED

   7.1 Various CALC inc forthcoming training events
   7.2 Cumbria County Council- Cumbria Minerals and Waste Development    Framework
        Cumbria Housing Group – Strategic Housing Market Assessment.
   7.3 Allerdale Borough Council-Statement of Community Involvement
          Draft Statement of Gambling Policy – Gambling Act 2005
   7.4 Cumbria Highways – various highway issues
   7.5 Capita Symonds – Public Rights of Way Annual Programme
   7.6 North West Plan Partial Review
   7.7 Northern Fells Group - newsletter 
   7.8 Rosley Play Area Committee – thank you letter for donation
   7.9 Cumbria Sport – Asking for support Wigton Swimming Pool.
   7.10 Society of Local Council Clerks – membership 2009 
   7.11 Shaws – Forms, records & Registers for Local Council

  Brought by Chairman
  8.1 Rosley Village Hall Grant Applications
  8.2 Neighourhood Forum meetings

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