MINUTES of Meeting held on Monday 8th February

MINUTES of Meeting held on Monday 8th February 2010  at  Rosley Village Hall

PRESENT: Mr. Atkinson, Mr. Brown, Mr. Coulthard, Mr. Holliday, Mr. Jackson, Mrs   Robinson, Mr. Shaw, Mr. Studholme, Mr T. Todd, Mr. Watson &    members of the public Mr & Mrs West

 The chairman welcomed Mr Thomas Todd as new co-opted member.

  1.1 Councillor Duncan Fairburn
  1.2 Declaration of Interest
   Mr R. Studholme  – planning application 2/2006/1116 for erection of    agricultural workers dwelling, Stud Fold Farm, Wigton.

  2.1 The Parish Council minutes from the 16th November 2009 were     agreed and signed 
  2.2 Discussion on the recent cold weather spell and the lack of gritting in the    parish. Letters received from parishioners regrading non gritting of roads    and  need for more salt bins. Clerk has written to Highways voicing    councillors concerns.
  2.3 SIDs Review SID’s review
   Permanent SIDs Red Dial still not repaired or replaced, awaiting reply    from Highways.  The mobile SID’s need new sites and councillors feel    they have not been very successful and outlived their usefulness.
  2.4 Highway Steward’s Report J.R. Reported work done at Brocklebank.    Wouldn’t be able to see if successful until next heavy rain. The steward    will be in the parish from 8th March onwards for two weeks.
  2.5 F.S. reported the Signposts renovation is nearing completion and had    received numerous comments on the tidy and smart look of the finish    signposts. councillors agreed and thanked him for all his hard work.    Payment to be made to Osborne Fabrications.

  3.1 F.S has acquired £800 towards the cost of new notice boards. Discussion    on where most needed either at Curthwaite, Rosley Hall and Westward    Halls. Will decide next meeting.
  3.2 Councillors had a general discussion on the state of Parish roads and they    agreed to make a list together with a description of the defect to be sent    via the clerk to the Highways department. Chairman encouraged everyone    to use the hotline provided by the Highways.
  3.3 General discussion – Pre School Busy Bees Fund. Agreed to funding.

  4.1    The Financial Report as at 31st January was considered and     approved. Current account stands at £4489.35 and reserve £4563.46.
   Agreed to transfer £1000 for reserve account.
  Resolved that the following accounts be paid.
   5.1 Clerk’s salary and expenses £800 + £41.61 = £841.61
   Agreed to increase to £1000 per year. Proposed J.C seconded I.J.
  5.2 Link support 2009-2010 £168   
  5.3  North West Air Ambulance £250 
  5.4 Osborne Fabrications  £2467.50
  5.5. Rosley Village Hall – hire £20
  5.6 Pre-School Busy Bees  £100
  5.7 Westward Mission Room  £450   Churchyard  £50
  5.8 Rosley Hall   £400 Churchyard £100

  6.1 Applications received since last meeting
   6.1.1 Application 2/2006/1116 - Mr R Studholme Approval of reserved     matters for erection of agricultural workers dwelling. Studfold     Farm, Lowmoor Road, Wigton.
   6.1.2 Application 2/2010/0001 Dr. A. Selbmen. Erection of stable block     and 3 bay carriage barn with access roads and improved entrance     from highway. Sandy Brow House, Sandy Brow, Rosley.
  6.2 Applications approved by Allerdale
   6.2.1 Application 2/2009/0765 The Venerable Brian Smith, Listed     building consent to divide the dinning room/kitchen into two     separate rooms. The Coach House, The Street, Westward, Wigton.     GRANTED 
   6.2.2 Application 2/2009/0710 Mr Mark Walker AMW Contractors Ltd-     Re-instatement and upgrading of the vehicular access to the     public highway. Change of use of part of existing workshop/store     for storage of environmental response equipment and small plant.     Lacewood, The Slack, Wigton GRANTED
   6.3.1 Application 2/2009/0455 Mr S. Graham – New Overspill lagoon     for slurry storage. Red Dial Cottages, Red Dial, Wigton.      REFUSED  councillors agreed if applicant applied again they     would support the application.
  7.1 Allerdale Borough Council – Weekly Licensing Applications      Circular – Allerdale Outlook
  7.2 Cumbria County Council – Parish Paths, Best young crime writer
  7.3 CALC – various meeting Bothel Village Hall-Tues 30th March
  7.4 NALC – Local Council Awards 2010 & National Training Strategy.
  7.5 Cumbria Constabulary – Letter from new Inspector D. Kelly     Neighbourhood Policing Team
  7.6 Rural Service Network - Circular
  7.7 Head start UK – Invitation to all members of the general public Free 2    hour sessions to learn essential Early Life Support Skills.
  7.8 Northern Fells Group - Newsletter
  Annual Parish Meeting 7pm followed by AGM 7.30pm
  Monday 10th May 2010 at Westward Halls.

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