MINUTES of Public Meeting held on Monday 15th February 2010

MINUTES of Public Meeting held on Monday 15th February 2010  at  Rosley Village hall
PRESENT: Mr. Atkinson, Mr. Brown, Mr. Holliday, Mr. Jackson, Mrs   
  Robinson, Mr. Shaw, Mr. Studholme & Mr T. Todd.  55 members of the public
  1.1 Mr M. Watson

  2.2 Mr . Coulthard – 2/2010/0081  Existing 10m anemometer mast for a    
   temporary period of up to 3 years and the erection of a 60m anemometer,    Land at Carwath Farm, Rosley

 The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and explained we only have three  weeks from the date we receive the planning application to vote whether to  approve/object or refuse and return them to Allerdale Borough Council. He stated  that the Parish Council are working with members of the parish for the good of the  parish. He then gave members of the public the opportunity to make statements and  ask questions to the council.

 Several electors present raised objections. Points raised included wanting to  
 know if there was a master plan and how many windmills they would be erecting.
 Agree as a community to reject Wind farms  Wind power has its purpose but in the  
 right place.
 The Chairman thanked those who had raised points on the planning application and  
 informed them their comments would be borne in mind when they came to vote.

 The Chairman then asked for a resolution from the councillors and a vote for  
 rejection was forwarded by F.S. seconded by J.R and 5 councillors agreed to reject   
 with 1 councillor abstaining.
 It was agreed that the clerk write to Allerdale Borough Council to express their  
 vote of a refusal and state they objected to this development in Open Countryside            
 with the backing of the local community who strongly opposed this planning  
 application and were present at the meeting in large numbers.
 The chairman thanked everyone for their input to the meeting and encouraged  
 everyone to attend future Parish Council Meetings.

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