Minutes of a Public Meeting held on Monday 11th July 2011


Held on Monday 11th July 2011 at Westward Halls




Consultation on a planning application reference no 2/2011/00463

Proposal: Proposed erection of one 20kw C & F Wind Turbine, 27.1 metres to tip. Mr W. Hird - Location: Town Head Farm, Brocklebank, Wigton.


Present: Mr J. Atkinson, Mr B. Brown, Mr J. Coulthard, Mr E.  Holliday,

     Mr I. Jackson, Mrs J. Robinson, Mr F. Shaw, Mr R. Studholme & Mr T. Todd


  Apologies: Mr M. Watson, Mr D. Fairburn, Chairperson Caldbeck Parish Council & Mrs    A. Burgess (Northern Fells)



1.    The chairman spoke about the size and where the proposed wind turbine would be situated, saying it would be above the sky line and visible from the National Park.  J.R. asked if it would feed the National Grid and T.T. said he wasn’t against individual land owners/farmers having individual wind turbines.

2.    Vote on planning application I.W agreed, seconded J.R. No objections from all Councillors.

Meeting closed at 7.40pm.

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