DRAFT MINUTES of meeting held on Monday 30th January 2012 Rosley Hall

Westward Parish Council


MINUTES of meeting held on Monday 30th January 2012 at 7.30pm in Rosley Hall.


PRESENT: Mr. Brown, Mr. Coulthard, Mr. Holliday, Mrs Robinson, Mr. Shaw,

Mr Studholme, Mr Todd, Mr. Watson, Coun D. Fairburn, 1 Member of the Public.




         1.1  Declaration of Interests by Mr J. Coulthard. Application 2/2011/0971 Carwath Farm Wind Energy Ltd



To approve the minutes of the last meeting of the Parish Council held on the 14th November 2011           



       3.1  Discussion regarding closure Re-cycling centre Wigton. The re-cycling is well attended and would be a great loss if shut down.  Councillors encouraged to send complaints to Jill Standard.

         3.2  F.S gave update on Broadband saying it has been delayed for 12 months, but still making progress.

         3.2  Update Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

         3.4  Discussion Proposed sewerage systems, Rosley. A letter was read out from Mr Pattinson about no sewerage provision in Rosley.  T.T talked about septic tanks and how they work.  Councillors agreed two systems would be needed and very costly.



       4.1  To consider the Financial Report ending 31st December 2011- see attached report.

       4.2  To set precept – consider Allerdale Borough Councils recommendations to reducing costs Councillors decided to reduce by 15% and set Precept for 2012/2013 at £5000.

         4.3  Discussion on financial support to be given for the year. Agreed to support                             Gt North Ambulance £250, Northern Fells £300, Rosley Churchyard £250,

                Rosley Hall £750, Westward Churchyard £250 and Westward Halls £750.

         4.4  Payment received £500 from Joyce Wilkinson Trust cc F. Shaw






         To authorise payment of the following accounts

         5.1  Clerk’s salary and expenses up to year end 2012 - £1000 + 79.90 = £1079.90

         5.2  Gt North Ambulance £250

         5.3  Northern Fells                       £300

         5.4  Rosley Churchyard               £250

         5.5  Rosley Hall                           £750

         5.6  Westward Churchyard          £250

         5.7  Westward Halls                    £750

         5.8  Mr Morrison                          £60



         6.1  Applications received since last meeting

                6.1.1  Application 2/2011/0856 Mr Mervyn Dicker – Barn conversion – resubmission of 2/2010/0976, Bungalow Farm, Wigton.

                6.1.2  Application 2/2011/0971 Carwath Farm Wind Energy Ltd, Retention of 10m anemometer for a 12 month period from date of permission. Land at Carwath Farm, Rosley. Mr J. Coulthard left the meeting. Councillors decided as a gesture of goodwill they agreed to refuse planning.

       6.2  Applications approved by Allerdale

                6.2.1  Application 2/2011/0729 M & J Cowen – Proposed installation of wood   windows. East Curthwaite Farm, Wigton LISTED BUILDING CONSENT APPROVED

                6.2.2 Application 2/2011/0721 Mr J. Atkinson – Erection of conservatory porch. Fairview, Rosley, Wigton. FULL PLANS APPROVED

                6.2.3 Application 2/2010/0613 Mr Pigg WR Pigg and Son Extensions to existing broiler buildings and erection of one additional feed bin, four gas tanks, generator room and control room. Relocation of earth bund and variation of condition 2 of planning approval 2/2008/0291, Reathwaite Farm, Brocklebank, Wigton. FULLS PLANS APPROVED


         6.3  Applications refused by Allerdale

6.3.1  Application 2/2011/0818 & 2/2011/0800 Mr & Mrs C Miles – Proposed                            installation of solar panels & Listed Building consent for photovoltaic modules on farmhouse, Stoneraise Farm, Wigton. LISTED BUILDING CONSENT REFUSED

                6.3.2  Application 2/2011/0856 Mr Mervyn Dicker – Barn conversion – resubmission of 2/2010/0976, Bungalow Farm, Wigton FULLS PLANS REFUSED




         7.1  Cumbria County Council – Meeting to discuss Council’s draft budget

         7.2  Environment Agency – Waver Wampool Wiza Waterways Group meeting – 17/02/2012Waverton Church

         7.3  Thank you letter Westward PCC for donation

         7.4  Thank you letter Mrs West, Northern Fells Broadband for donation

       7.5  Citizens Advice Allerdale asking for donation - refuse

         7.6  Nalc – various

         7.7  The West Cumbria Managing Radioactive Waste Safety (MRWS) Partnership

Public consultation – Community Drop in event – Wigton Market Hall Wednesday 8th February 2012.

Various emails: Councillor D. Fairburn, Lake District Messenger, Rural Services Network, Calc.



          8.1  New Parish Clerk – Following interview Mrs Elizabeth Clark was appointed. To start beginning April 2012.

          8.2  B.B read out a letter about state of roads, asking local farmers to clean up roads. He stated too much traffic, need more passing places. D.F stated very expensive to execute. J.C talked about Rosley crossroads, J.A stated a sign was down at Rosley and a lot of potholes, I.W Water still running at the Red Dial with Wigton junction, F.S talked about branches need trimmed, R.S the state of the road from the A595 Cunningarth to Beckbottom, M.W the culvert on the Old Carlisle to Wigton road, J.R still water running, too much speed at the Woodyard, Brocklebank, B.B Sandy Brow to Rosley potholes, E.H the state of the road from High Hall to Bog Hall – drain blocked, T.T the new road at Reathwaite corners need redressing.



       Monday 14th May 2012 – Westward Halls.



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