15th May 2017

Westward Parish Council

Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 15th May 2017 in Westward Halls, Westward.

Councillors Present: Mr Brown, Mr Todd, Mrs Robinson, Mr Studholme, Mrs Osborne, Mrs Kitchen & Mr Brockbank.

Also present:  E Clark (Clerk), Cllr Fairbairn (County & Borough Councillor) & M Grave.

1/17   Election of the Chairman for Council Year 2017/18                                                                                        Cllr Brown was duly elected as Chairman for the year 2017/18. Proposed by Cllr Todd & seconded by            Cllr Studholme.

2/17   Cllr Brown signed the Chairman’s Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

3/17   Election of Vice Chairman for Council Year 2017/2018                                                                                    Cllr Todd was duly elected as Vice-Chairman.  Proposed by Cllr Robinson & seconded by Cllr                        Brockbank.

4/17   Apologies                                                                                                                                                        Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Stoddart & PCSO Irving.

5/17   Minutes                                                                                                                                                          The Chairman was authorised to sign the minutes of the meeting held on the 20th of February 2017            as a true record.

6/17   Declarations of Interest                                                                                                                                  Cllr Osborne declared an interest in planning application 2/2017/0227 agenda ref no. 14/17.

7/17   Requests for Dispensations                                                                                                                            No requests for dispensations were received in respect of items on this agenda.

8/17   Co-option of Councillors                                                                                                                                It was noted that there was currently one Parish Councillor Vacancy.

9/17   To appoint a representative to outside bodies                                                                                                (i)  Cllr Brockbank was appointed representative to the Northern Fells Group.                                                (ii)  It was noted that there was no longer a North East Allerdale Forum.

10/17   Reports                                                                                                                                                          (a) PCSO Irving apologised for being unable to attend the meeting as she was not on duty but                      advised if there were any issues councillors would like to bring to her attention she would be                        willing to meet up with them at a convenient time.  Clerk to invite PCSO Irving to the next meeting.              It was noted that plainings had been taken from the Westward car park and a councillor had found                a box of drugs & syringes etc on his land and when he contacted police on the 101 number he was              advised to get rid of them himself, Cllr Fairbairn advised that he  would make Peter McCall the                      Crime Commissioner aware of this.                                                                                                                (b) Cllr Fairbairn reported on the following; resurfacing work is to be carried out on the B5305                      between the A595 and Sebergham.  The work will take approximately 8 weeks and will be carried                  out in phases.  An accident had occurred that morning on the A595 at the Curthwaite junction, the              safety officer will be asked to look at this road.  The Thursby to Cockermouth road is a target road              for both the Police & the County Council.  The metal sheeting on the railway bridge between                        Thursby & Curthwaite is Network Rails responsibility.   Following Storm Desmond, the government                have given extra money to be spent on the highways.                                                                                    (c) Northern Fells Group - Nothing to report.

11/17   Payments                                                                                                                                                        The following payments were authorised:                                                                                                        (a)  CALC Annual Subscription                                      £218.28                                                                      (b)  Zurich Insurance                                                      £257.60                                                                    (c)  E Clark – Salary £800 & Expenses £42.48       £842.48                                                                              (d)  HM Revenue & Customs (PAYE)                 £200.00                                                                                    (e)  Mrs E Bell - Internal Auditor                          £  30.00

12/17   Receipts                                                                                                                                                          The following receipt received was noted:                                                                                                      (a)  Allerdale Borough Council – Precept                  £3249.99 (inc CTRS Grant of £36.24)

13/17   Finance                                                                                                                                                            (a) The Annual Governance Statement for 2016/17 was completed, approved and signed.                              (b) The Accounting Statements 2016/17 of the Annual Return were approved and signed.                              (c) The Financial Accounts for the year ending 31st March 2017 were approved and signed.

14/17   Planning Consultations                                                                                                                                    A Devolved decision of No Objection by clerk following consultation with  Chairman & Councillors                as response requested prior to the May meeting on the following applications;

Ref No:  2/2017/0114 – Demolition of existing building & construction of silage    building –                        Sandwath, Wigton – Mr D Coulthard, Chalkside Farming Company – Approved 21/04/17.

Ref No:  2/2017/0117 – Erection of a cubicle shed - Sandwath, Wigton – Mr D  Coulthard,                            Chalkside Farming Company – Approved 21/04/17.

Ref No:  2/2017/0128 – Proposed agricultural workers dwelling – Gaterigg Farm,   West Curthwaite              to east Curthwaite, Curthwaite, Wigton – Mr & Mrs Watson, GM & G Watson – Approved 24/04/17.

Ref No:  2/2017/0125 – Roofing over existing manure midden – Town Head,  Brocklebank – Mr                    William Hird – Approved 04/05/17.

Ref No:  2/2017/0156 – Extension to existing camping and caravanning site (part retrospective) –                Wallace Lane Farm, Brocklebank – Mr John Stanyer – No Objection in principle but feel that the size                of the existing campsite is already big enough and the highway (C2041) is a great concern as it is an            extremely fast road. Councillors had no objection to the following applications which were received              after the issue of the agenda;

Ref No:  2/2017/0227 – Change of use of adjacent paddock to garden land, two  storey extension to            dwelling and erection of detached garage – White House, Brackenthwaite -  Mr A Osborne. Cllr                      Osborne left the meeting while the above application was discussed.

Ref No:  2/2017/0224 – Change of use of agricultural building (Class Q) to a dwellinghouse (Class C)             – High Brackenthwaite Farm – Mr Mike Scott.              The following grant of Planning Permission                  was noted:

Ref No:  HOU/2017/0010 – New pitched and flat roof to existing single storey with internal/external            alterations – Meadow Bank Nursing Home, Curthwaite – Mr S Martindale – Approved 02/03/17.

15/17   Highways The following highway matters were noted; there is a collapsed culvert at the farm                      entrance of Wyndham Farm, the gravel heap at Bluegate crossroads is causing visibility issues when              using the junction and rubbish has filled the ditches next to the wall. At Red Dial junction the road              has been poorly patched and there is history of water penetration (water leak?) which needs looking              into. On the southbound carriageway between the Curthwaite Road & the phone box there is water              standing on the road due to a broken cundeth.  Railway Bridge sheeting discussed at 10/17(b) –                  clerk to contact Network Rail.

Cllr Kitchen left the meeting – 8pm.

16/17   Correspondence                                                                                                                                              The following correspondence were noted;                                                                                                    Rosley Church Graveyard Funds – Thanks for Donation                                                                                  Rosley Link & Westward Newsletter – Thanks for Donation & Update                                                              Great North Air Ambulance – Thanks for Donation                                                                                          Wigton Baths Trust – Thanks for Donation & Aquacise Vouchers                                                                      Cumbria County Council – ‘HIMS’ Launch                                                                                                        CALC – April Newsletter

17/17   High Hall Wood                                                                                                                                                A management plan of High Hall Woods was considered & it was agreed that it had no great visual                impact and was just a management tool but the following questions to be asked; why is the fencing              temporary, what are the long term plans and could the parish council be kept informed on any                      future updates?

18/17   Parish Noticeboards                                                                                                                                        The parish noticeboards at Westward & Rosley have been lined with a padded interior (corkboard)                for ease.  Curthwaite is also to be completed.  It was noted that double glazed units were needing                replaced at Curthwaite & Westward as notices were difficult to read due to condensation.  Cllr                      Studholme was authorised to address this issue.

19/17   Superfast Broadband                                                                                                                                      Following on from the February meeting when Paul Cretney from BT advised on the Community                    Fibre Partnerships, a list of names and addresses had been submitted to BT. It was noted that                      Superfast Broadband was now back in the state aid/intervention area following the previous                          provider being unable to deliver, but the parish would be in the remaining 5%.

20/17   Parish Council Bank Account                                                                                                                            A letter from the Natwest bank advised that the Wigton branch would be closing this year.  Cllr                    Brown proposed & Cllr Studholme seconded that the parish council close the two Natwest accounts              and open accounts with the Cumberland Building Society.  Resolved; Clerk to progress for the next              meeting.

21/17   Items for forward consideration                                                                                                                      Parish Council Land (Wood) next to the Rosley School

22/17   Forthcoming Meetings:                                                                                                                                  (i)  The dates of forthcoming were circulated and approved.

(ii)  It was noted the next meeting of the Parish Council would be held on Monday     the 21st of                    August 2017 in Westward Halls, commencing at 7.30pm.

Cllr Brown closed the meeting at 8.40pm.