12th February 2018


Clerk: Mrs E Clark, 15 Howgill Close, Bolton Low Houses, Wigton, CA78PG

Telephone:  016973 45665      e-mail:  westwardclerk@aol.com

Date:  12th February 2018

The next Meeting of the Parish Council is to be held in Rosley Village Hall, Rosley

on Monday the 19th of February 2018 starting at 7.30 p.m.



Chairman’s announcements

To receive announcements by the Chairman.



To receive apologies for absence.


Requests for Dispensations

The clerk to report any requests since the previous meeting for dispensations to speak and/or vote on any matter where a member has a disclosable pecuniary interest


Declarations of interest on the agenda

To receive declarations of interest by members in respect of items on this agenda.



To authorise the Chairman to sign the minutes of the meeting held on the 20th of November 2017 as a true record.


Adjournment of the meeting

The chairman will adjourn the meeting (15 minutes) to allow members of the public an opportunity to ask questions or raise matters of interest.



§ To receive a report and to agree any further action required from the PCSO.

§ To receive a report and to agree any further action required from the County Councillor/District Councillor.

§ To receive a report from the Northern Fells Group.


Financial Statements

§ To note the current balances & bank reconciliation of the Council’s Bank Accounts as at 31st of January 2018.

§ To review the council’s 2017/18 budget.

§ To authorise the transfer of the parish council’s funds to the Cumberland Building Society  and closing of the Natwest accounts.


Payments of accounts

To consider & agree on the following donations;

§ The Great North Air Ambulance                £  400.00

§ Rosley Hall                                                £1000.00

§ Rosley Hall – Room Hire                           £    10.00

§ Rosley Churchyard                                   £   250.00

§ Westward Halls                                         £1000.00

§ Westward Halls – Room Hire                    TBC

§ Westward Churchyard                              £  250.00

§ Northern Fells Group                                £  400.00

§ Mr Morrison (grasscutting)                        £   80.00

§ The Link (Parish Newsletter)                     £  230.00

§ Wigton Baths Trust                                   £  300.00


Planning Matters

Devolved decision by the clerk following consultation with Chairman & Councillors as response requested prior to the February meeting – Objection due to access issues on the highway (C2041) are a great concern as it’s an extremely fast road, this development has outgrown its rural site & is commercialising the countryside.

Ref No: 2/2017/0526 – Siting of 2no. Static caravans to provide workers accommodation and reception cabin for the campsite – Approved by Allerdale 15/1/18.

To note the following grant of planning permission;

Ref No: 2/2017/0479 – Proposal for change of use of land to incorporate small-scale forest school business & associated works including the provision of temporary structures – Land adjacent to Stocks Farmhouse, Rosley.


Annual Audit Review

a) To review Risk Assessment

b) To review Effectiveness of Internal Audit

c) To review Asset Register

d) To review the Insurance & Fidelity Guarantee


Superfast Broadband

To receive an update following the advert in the parish magazine & to agree on any further action required.


Parish Councillor Vacancy

To consider the current parish councillor vacancy and co-opt if possible.



To note the following correspondence received & agree any action if required;

CALC – Dec/Jan & Feb Circulars

Wigton Baths Trust – Newsletter

Mr T Moore – Restoration of ‘Cumberland’ Cast Iron Finger Posts

Allerdale Borough Council – Community Governance Reviews

Northern Fells Group -  Events & Activities Jan 2018


Highway Matters

To note any highway matters including the inoperative lights at Rosley village hall and the road from the school to the parish wood.




Parish Noticeboards

To receive a quote from ‘Men in Sheds’ for new noticeboards.

Parish Council Land

To receive an update on the proposed wooden seats for the woodland next to Rosley School.

Speeding Vehicles on the Rosley Road

To receive an update on speeding vehicles on the Rosley road & surrounding areas.


Items for inclusion on the next Agenda

The chairman will give councillors the opportunity to put forward items for consideration at the next meeting.


Date and time of next meeting

To note that the next meeting of the Parish Council will be the AGM and will be held on Monday the  21st of May 2018 in Westward Halls, Westward commencing at 7.00pm.