20th November 2017

Westward Parish Council

Minutes of the Meeting held on Monday the 20th of November 2017 at 7.30pm in Rosley Village Hall, Rosley.

Councillors Present: Mr Brown, Mr Todd, Mr Studholme, Mrs Stoddart, Mr Brockbank & Mrs Osborne.

Also Present; Cllr Fairbairn (Cumbria County Councillor & Allerdale Borough Councillor), E Clark (Clerk), C Nineham, L Nineham, N Harding, J Coulthard &

M Grave.

42/17 Chairman’s announcements

Cllr Brown welcomed everyone to the meeting and advised that the recycling bins at Rosley Village Hall had been replaced, were now free of charge and the paid invoices were to be reimbursed. The speed cameras at Rosley had been successful but speeding was still going on. The council had no objection to a planning application for Mr & Mrs Earle of Stocks Farm and it was hoped their new venture would be a great success with school parties. The roads are excellent, but the verges are in a state due to large agricultural machinery and no passing places, it was questioned whether gateways could be used as passing places.

43/17 Apologies

Apologies for absence were received & accepted from Cllrs Rothery & Robinson.

44/17 Requests for Dispensations

No requests for dispensations were received.

45/17 Declarations of interest on the agenda

No declarations of interest were received.

46/17 Minutes

Resolved – the minutes of the meeting held on the 21st of August 2017 were received and signed by the chairman as a true record.

47/17 Adjournment of the meeting

Mrs Grave advised that the Curthwaite noticeboard was in poor condition with the new cork coming away due to the damp, one door not opening and condensation in the window. It was noted that the board was only seven years old but needed replacing.

Cllr Todd joined the meeting 7.45pm.

Mr Nineham asked how the superfast broadband was progressing and the clerk advised that she had forwarded parishioners details to BT Community Fibre Partnerships and had been advised the following; although they had spent a number of days on it, it would need the Parish Council to consider some alternatives.  Whilst they could see geographic mapping and telephone exchange boundaries - Parish boundaries did not show up on the network mapping, so they couldn’t tell what premises actually fell within the Parish. The addresses supplied covered far too large a geographic footprint - some sit in the neighbouring telephone exchange areas, Dalston and Caldbeck. Trying to include these remote locations would cost 100’s of 1000’s of pounds.   Fibre infrastructure is expensive to deploy and only becomes a viable option when multiple premises can be served - not single remote properties. Comparing the post codes there are a good number of residences in postcode CA7 8AU - yet only the school address was included on the template.  Similarly, there is a good number of properties in Rosley itself, but there are no addresses provided on the template. Cumbria County Council are considering a new funding process that may offer a contribution to Community funded schemes, but that contribution is based on a per property basis so only giving them a few addresses clearly reduces the amount of funding that they may consider.

The clerk advised that a notice regarding broadband had been published in the Link and there had been a very poor response from parishioners, therefore the information supplied to BT had been only that gathered by councillors.

Mr Nineham requested that a review of the speed limit on the B5305 Rosley road be looked at; a 20mph & extension of the limit should be introduced. Speed camera vans had been on the site and many speeders caught, but the effect was short lived and had not reduced the speeding in the long term. He stated that there needed to be some control on this road. Cllr Fairbairn advised that he would speak with the highways safety officer and that the signing on this road was already being looked at. The Parish Council also to contact highways to highlight the continued concerns.

It was asked if a mirror could be placed at the Townend, Rosley junction and Cllr Fairbairn advised that mirrors were no longer supplied.

It was noted that the standing water at Rosley Farm had been reported to Better Highways and if it wasn’t a culvert that was the problem it would be reported to United Utilities. At Westward Halls, left towards the river, numerous springs were coming up and there were potholes outside the halls which had recently been examined by four men (presumably from highways).

48/17 Reports

§ PCSO 5351 Irving reported that they were planning to hold a meeting for Parish Councils every 10 weeks in each of the areas that they cover. Councillors agreed that this was acceptable and a meeting room, at no cost, would be available if required. It was noted that the crime website was still not up-to-date.

§ Cllr Fairbairn reported that the budget consultation was now coming into play with council tax once again probably increasing as there was no spare money in the system. He advised that the week three-way traffic light at Curthwaite/Main road was for safety measures while a fence was being erected.

§ Northern Fells Group – no report received.


49/17 Payments & Receipts

The following payment was agreed & authorised;

Cllr Stoddart (Noticeboard Repairs) £ 89.91

The following receipt received was noted:

Allerdale Borough Council – Precept £3250.01 (inc CTRS Grant of £36.24)

50/17 Financial Statements

The current balances & bank reconciliation of the Council’s Bank Accounts as at 31st of October 2017 were noted and approved. The current 2017/18 budget was reviewed and approved.

51/17 Precept

The parish council budget was considered and agreed for 2018/19

Councillors unanimously agreed that the precept for the year 2018/19 be increased to £7000.00 (including the Council Tax Reduction Scheme Grant of £36.24).

52/17 Planning Matters

The following applications had a devolved decision of No Objection by the clerk after consultation with Chairman & Councillors as response requested prior to the November meeting;

Ref No: 2/2017/0479 – Proposal for change of use of land to incorporate small-scale forest school business & associated works including the provision of temporary structures – Land adjacent to Stocks Farmhouse, Rosley – Mr & Mrs Earle. Councillors had reservations with regards to the busy main road/speed of traffic.

Ref No: 2/2017/0453 – Proposed crop & livestock shed – Jenkins Cross, Wigton – Mr Miller - Approved by 8 Nov 2017

Ref No: 2/2017/0460 – Proposal to erect muck midden cover – Greenhill Farm, Red Dial – Mr J Little - Approved by 8 Nov 2017

Ref No: 2/2017/0441 – Erect a circular slurry store – East Woodside Farm, – Messrs Rothery.

The following grants of planning permission were noted

Ref No: 2/2017/0377 – Construction of hard finished access lane to farm buildings over existing pasture land – Camp House, Rosley – Mr Graeme Russell.

Ref No: 2/2017/0021 – Erection of a portal framed agricultural shed – Land near Street Road Ends – Miss Sheila Mattinson.

53/17 Highways

The following highway issues were noted; pot holes from Lady Wath, down the hill from the Penrith road, main road & Brackenthwaite. Standing water at Red Mire, Brackenthwaite, A595.

54/17 Superfast Broadband

Item fully discussed at 47/17 and it was agreed that a further notice be added to The Link to ask for parishioners with poor broadband speeds to forward their contact details (name, address & telephone number) to the clerk.

55/17 Correspondence

The following correspondences were received;

CALC – Sept Circular

CALC – Oct Circular

CALC – Annual Report 2017

Local Government Boundary Commission – Electoral Review of Allerdale

Mr & Mrs Earle – Stocks Wood Outdoor Centre, offer to attend future PC Meeting – no requirement to attend a future pc meeting.

CALC – Free Cyber Awareness Training

Boundary Commission – Consultation on Proposals for Constituency Boundaries

Cumbria County Council – Inclusive Mobility Budget

Police Crime & Commissioners – Survey on Council Tax Precepts for the Police

Wigton & District Community First Responders – Donation Request – no donation authorised; defibrillators and the Rosley 1st Responders cover the parish.

56/17 Parish Council Land

Cllr Brown advised that he had looked at the parish wood and tested the walkway which seemed fine, to be looked at again in the spring when the leaves were clear. Pieces of logs to be sourced to make little seats so the school children can read/listen to stories there. Repairs to be made to the gateway.

57/17 Parish Noticeboards

‘Men in Sheds’ to be asked if they could assist with new noticeboards – price. Cllr Studholme to look at the locked door on the Curthwaite board.

58/17 Speeding Vehicles on the Rosley Road

It was noted that there had been complaints with regards to the speed of tractors coming through Rosley and that there had been a few near misses. Further details required e.g registration number before any action can be taken.

59/17 Items for inclusion on the next Agenda

Superfast Broadband


Speeding Vehicles on the Rosley Road

60/17 Date and time of next meeting

It was noted that the next meeting of the Parish Council would be held on Monday the 19th of February 2018 in Rosley Village Hall, commencing at 7.30pm.

The Chairman thanked everyone for attending & the meeting was closed at 9.15pm.