21st August 2017

Westward Parish Council

Minutes of the Meeting held on Monday the 21st of August 2017 at 7.30pm in Westward Halls, Westward.

Councillors Present: W Brown, J Robinson, R Studholme, S Brockbank, E Osborne & T Todd.

Also Present: E Clark (Clerk), C Nineham (Parishioner), PCSO Irving &

M Grave (Rosley Link).

23/17 Chairman’s announcements

Cllr Brown welcomed everyone to the meeting and reported that it had been an uneventful few months since the last meeting. Jim Osborne had kindly removed a loose limb on a tree at the Height - free of charge.

24/17 Apologies

Apologies for absence were received & accepted from Cllrs Stoddart & Rothery.

25/17 Requests for Dispensations

No requests for dispensation were received.

26/17 Declarations of interest on the agenda

No declarations of interest were received.

27/17 Minutes

Resolved the minutes of the meeting held on the 15th of May 2017 were received and signed by the chairman as a true record.

28/17 Adjournment of the meeting

Colin Nineham joined the meeting to express his concerns with regards to speeding vehicles on the B5305 Rosley road. A speed camera had been on the road recently and residents give thanks for that. Motor bikes use the road as a race track and car drivers use the activation of the speed device as a competition. Also, there had been a few bumps at the Curthwaite junction of which Cllr Fairbairn stressed that these should always be reported so the police have the statistics to show whether the junction is hazardous or not. A 30mph speed limit on this road would be favorable. Cllr Fairbairn advised that he would raise the issue with highways etc.

The clerk provided an update on superfast broadband stating that the necessary information had been forwarded to BT with a reply expected anytime soon.

29/17 Reports

§ PCSO 5351 Irving from Cumbria Constabulary joined the meeting and advised that she tried to attend the parish council meetings as much as possible but sometimes shift patterns, jobs etc made it difficult. She noted that there had been no incidents recently reported in the parish, the police were aware that a vehicle had been left at Moorthwaite, the owner of the vehicle was also aware it was there. There continues to be a lot of vandalism/antisocial behavior etc in Wigton, councillors were asked to be vigilant when in the town and to report anything they may come across on 101 or 999 depending on the seriousness. Other items discussed were the 6ft 6” ban on vehicles in the town and street parking issues. Cllr Fairbairn advised that to enforce the ‘no parking’ in the town the double yellow lines, which are currently broken up would need to be repainted.

Cllr Todd joined the meeting – 8pm.

The A595 speed activation sign on the Cockermouth side of Red Dial is not visible due to the overgrown hedge. Cllr Fairbairn advised that a Surgery with Rory Stewart is to be held on the 24th of August between 4-5pm in the Wigton Links Office.

PSCO Irving left the meeting – 8.10pm.

§ Cllr Fairbairn stated that he would report the fly-tipping at the far end of Westward car park, a tipped mattress at Reathwaite Lane and rubbish behind the gravel heap at Bluegate crossroads. Cllr Brown advised that the Rosley Village hall had been charged £135.00 for the emptying of the three recycling bins situated in their car park. Cllr Fairbairn said that he would look into this charge and ask why? It was noted that a lot of money had been spent on the Reathwaite Road and it had already deteriorated, it was felt by councillors that it had not been a good job. Cllr Fairbairn also reported on the treatment of sewage sludge, at The Close, Boltongate and that planning permission was required for this and that some Westward Farmers had been receiving these deliveries and Aspatria Town Council complaining about the wood lorries travelling on the A596.

§ No report received from Cllr Brockbank with regards to the Northern Fells Group.

Cllr Fairbairn left the meeting – 8.40pm.


Council’s Bank Account

It was unanimously agreed that the parish council close the current & deposit accounts with the Natwest Bank and open new accounts with the Cumberland Building Society. The relevant forms were completed with signatories being; Cllrs Brown, Todd, Robinson & Studholme. Clerk to progress opening of the new accounts and then arrange transfer of funds.



The following receipts received were noted:

HM Revenue & Customs (Vat Refund) £75.34

Electricity North West £17.08


Financial Statements

§ The current balances on the Council’s Bank Accounts & bank reconciliation as at 31st of July 2017 were noted and agreed.

§ The audited annual return for the year ended 31st March 2017 was approved & accepted by the council with no issues arising.


Planning Matters

The following planning applications were noted with no objections;

Ref No: 2/2017/0377 – Construction of hard finished access lane to farm buildings over existing pasture land – Camp House, Rosley – Mr Graeme Russell.

Ref No: 2/2017/0390 – Application for removal of condition 4 on planning approval 2/1986/0063 to remove occupancy condition – Park Crest, Westward – Mr G Bainbridge.

Ref No: 2/2017/0021 – Erection of a portal framed agricultural shed – Land near Street Road Ends – Miss Sheila Mattinson.

A devolved decision of No Objection by the clerk, following consultation with the Chairman and Councillors, as a response was requested prior to the August meeting, was agreed on the following applications;

Ref No: 2/2017/0300 – Silage pit roof – Gerrard House, Cuddy Lonning to Longthwaite – Andrew Carter – Approved 26/07/2017.

Ref No: HOU/2017/0128 – Addition of a storm porch – Swallow Barn, Cross Hill Farm – Mr James Wilson – Approved 11/08/2017.

The following grants of planning permission were noted;

Ref No: 2/2017/0156 – Extension to existing camping and caravanning site (part retrospective) – Wallace Lane Farm, Brocklebank – Mr John Stanyer.

Ref No: 2/2017/0224 – Change of use of agricultural (Class Q) to a dwelling house (Class C) – High Brackenthwaite Farm – Mr Mike Scott.



The following correspondence were received;

CALC – May, June & July/August Circular

CALC – Developing Your Skills Programme

CALC – 3-Tier Meeting Information

Electoral Government Boundary Commission – Electoral Review: Final Recommendations

National Grid NWCC Project – Update

ACT – Household Emergency Plan Leaflet


Highway Matters

On the Sandy Brow to the Heights road the verges are soft and lie below the road level, the west side being the biggest drop, also offlets to be opened on this road. The road outside Westward Halls is breaking up.


Parish Noticeboards

It was noted that the noticeboard at Curthwaite was very tidy and thanks were given to Linda Low for this. The noticeboards at Westward & Curthwaite have both been backed inside with cork and hopefully the board at Rosley would soon be done. Thanks were given to Cllr Studholme and Pete Graves for carrying out this necessary work. Cllr Studholme advised that he was currently waiting for a price for a kit which would resolve the boards’ condensation issues.

37/17 I

Recycling in the Parish

It was reported that Brackenthwaite & other areas of Westward now had the full set of recycling bins.


High Hall Wood

A reply email from Rebecca Oaks with regards to the woodland management plan for High Hall Wood, stated the following; Would you reassure the councillors that the long term plan is a very gradual restoration to an ASNW woodland (phased removal of conifers) not to eradicate the conifers but to enhance the biological diversity by encouraging a wide range of broadleaf and conifer trees. The fencing is temporary because we are not intending to exclude deer from the woodland but to protect specific areas for the minimum duration necessary to get good natural regen or establish planted stock and get it up above deer head height before moving it on to another area. This sort of fencing within the wood is very discrete and will not be unsightly.


Parish Council Land

Cllr Studholme advised that he had made a temporary repair to the walkway in the wood next to Rosley School (Parish Land). Cllr Brown advised that he would inspect the area to see what, if any, long term work requires carrying out.


Items for inclusion on the next Agenda

Parish Noticeboards

Parish Woodland next to Rosley School


Date and time of next meeting

It was noted that the next meeting of the Parish Council would be held on Monday the 20th of November 2017 in Rosley Village Hall, Rosley, commencing at 7.30pm.

The chairman thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 9.35pm.