21st May 2018

Westward Parish Council

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council held on Monday 21st May 2018 in Westward Halls, Westward.
Councillors Present: Mr Brown, Mrs Robinson, Mr Studholme, Mrs Osborne,
Mrs Stoddart & Mr Brockbank.

Also present: E Clark (Clerk), J Hartley, 1 x Parishioner & M Grave.

81/18 Election of the Chairman for Council Year 2018/19
Cllr Brown was duly elected as Chairman for the year 2018/19. Proposed by Cllr Studholme & seconded by Cllr Brockbank.

82/18 Cllr Brown signed the Chairman’s Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

83/18 Election of Vice Chairman for Council Year 2017/2018
Cllr Todd was duly elected as Vice-Chairman. Proposed by Cllr Robinson & seconded by Cllr Studholme.

84/18 Apologies
Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs Todd & Rothery & Cllr Fairbairn (County & Borough Councillor). The parish council accepted Cllr Kitchen’s resignation.

85/18 Minutes
The Chairman was authorised to sign the minutes of the meeting held on the 19th of February 2018 as a true record.

86/18 Declarations of Interest
No declarations of interest received.

87/18 Requests for Dispensations
No requests for dispensations were received in respect of items on this agenda.

88/18 Adjournment of the meeting
A request for salt/grit bins at Barnett Rigg Corner, Rosley Crossroads and the junction of the Curthwaite road with the B5305 was received. It was noted that in certain locations, grit bins were more appropriate than salt piles. Clerk to acquire prices, sizes etc of bins for the next meeting.

89/18 Co-option of Councillors
Mr John Hartley was co-opted onto the council and completed the relevant paperwork.

90/18 To appoint a representative to outside bodies
(i) Cllr Brockbank was appointed representative to the Northern Fells Group.
(ii) It was noted that there was no longer a North East Allerdale Forum.

91/18 Reports
(a) No police report received.
(b) An email from Cllr Fairbairn advised that as far as speeding was concerned, the police are the enforcement agency.
(c) Northern Fells Group - Nothing to report.

92/18 Payments
The following payments were authorised:
(a) CALC Annual Subscription £225.00
(b) Zurich Insurance £257.60
(c) E Clark – Salary £800 & Expenses £29.66 £829.66
(d) HM Revenue & Customs (PAYE) £200.00
(e) Mrs E Bell - Internal Auditor £ 30.00
(f) Mr J Osborne (wood for seats) £ 20.00

93/18 Receipts
The following receipt received was noted:
(a) Allerdale Borough Council – Precept £3481.87 (inc CTRS Grant of £18.12)

94/18 Financial Statements & Annual Audit
a) The certificate of exemption was approved & authorised and signed by the Chairman & Responsible Financial Officer.
b) The annual internal audit report for 2017/18 was received.
c) The Annual Governance Statement 2017/18 was approved & authorised and signed by the Chairman & the Responsible Financial Officer.
d) The council approved the Accounting Statements 2017/18 of the Annual Return & the Chairman and the Responsible Financial Officer were authorised to sign them.
e) The accounts book for the year ending 31st March 2018 was approved by the council and authorised to be signed by the Chairman and Responsible Financial Officer.
f) The Period of Exercise of Electors Rights from the 4th June 2018 to the 13th July 2018 & the Publication on the Website were authorised.

95/18 Planning Consultations
A Devolved decision of No Objection by clerk following consultation with Chairman &
Councillors as response requested prior to the May meeting on the following applications;
Ref No: HOU/2018/0093 – Proposed single storey side extension, internal alterations & patio – Station House, Curthwaite – Mr & Mrs D Johnson.
Ref No: HOU/2018/0088 – Proposed single storey side extension to provide extended kitchen, dining & office & creation of balcony to rear – Hill House, Rosley – Mr S Wooldridge.
Ref No: HOU/2018/0081 - Proposed single storey rear first floor extension to provide living room & utility – The Old Watermill, West Woodside – Mr G Lattimer – Approved 03/05/18.
Ref No: 2/2018/0090 - Demolition of existing farmhouse & erection of replacement farmhouse – Church Hill Farm, Church Hill, Westward – Mr T Brockbank, Messrs J T & S R Brockbank – Approved 30/04/18.

There was no objection to the following planning application;
Ref No: HOU/2018/0104 – Retention of flue, render & replacement cills (2) & lintel – Kirksteads Barn, Carwath, Rosley – J Stamper.
Councillors had no objection to the following Tree Preservation Order which was received after the issue of the agenda;
Order No. 3 of 2018 – Land adjacent to Causa Court, Rosley, Wigton.

96/18 Highways
The following highway matters were noted; grit bins required, pot holes between Sandy Brow and the Rosley crossroads. There are no road markings at the East Curthwaite Junction, going towards Dalston. The Reathwaite road requires attention. At the Old Carlisle junction leading onto the A595, on the corner there is a metal spike on the edge of the road on the west side. Brackenthwaite to A595 Wigton road there is a blocked gully.

97/18 Correspondence
The following correspondences were noted;
Rosley Church Graveyard Funds – Thanks for Donation
Great North Air Ambulance – Thanks for Donation
CALC – May Newsletter
Wigton baths Trust – Thanks for Donation
Northern Fells Group – Thanks for Donation
Allerdale BC – Footway Lighting Update – light at Rosley School to be looked into.
LDNP – Local Plan Review Consultation

98/18 Visibility at Sandy Brow
Conifer trees are causing a lack of visibility to the east – clerk to inform highways.

99/18 Defibrillators
Cllr Stoddart gave an update on the parish’s defibrillators and advised that one was required in Curthwaite. This would cost £2000, of which £1200 was already available, further funding to be looked into.

100/18 General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)
The general data protection regulations were considered and to be progressed as necessary.

101/18 Superfast Broadband
Fully discussed in the Annual Parish Meeting, clerk to progress for the next meeting.

102/18 Standing Orders
The Standing Orders & Financial Regulations for 2018/19 were adopted with the following additions as recommended by NALC; electronic service of summons & agendas on councillors, transparency requirements & changes to data protection (GDPR).

103/18 Speeding Vehicles on the Rosley Road
Fully discussed in the Annual Parish Meeting. The council agreed to request a 30mph speed limit extending on the Penrith side, round the corner and up the hill.

104/18 Items for forward consideration
Grit Bins
Rosley School Light

105/18 Forthcoming Meetings:
(i) The dates of forthcoming meetings were circulated and approved.
(ii) It was noted the next meeting of the Parish Council would be held on Monday the 20th of
August 2018 in Westward Halls, commencing at 7.30pm.

Cllr Brown closed the meeting at 9pm.