August Minutes

Westward Parish Council

Minutes of the Meeting held on Monday the 20th of August 2018 at 7.30pm in Westward Halls, Westward.

Councillors Present: Mr Brown, Mr Studholme, Mrs Stoddart, Mr Hartley

Mrs Robinson & Mrs Rothery.

Also Present; E Clark (Clerk), M Grave (The Link) & Mr Hird.

106/18 Chairman’s announcements

Cllr Brown welcomed everyone to the meeting and advised that a representative from the parish council had been invited to attend the licensing of the Revd Eileen Reid as priest in charge of the Warnell Benefice on Monday the 17th of September at 7.30pm in St Kentigerns’Church, Caldbeck.

There was no improvement on visibility at Sandy Brow, School Road had been repaired but no action on drainage. It was noted that the cyclists on the roads could sometimes be inconsiderate to drivers. He advised that he had spoken to Cllr Fairbairn and passed on the councils good wishes.

107/18 Apologies

Apologies for absence were received & accepted from Cllr Osborne & Cllr Fairbairn (Cumbria County Councillor & Allerdale Borough Councillor)

108/18 Requests for Dispensations

No requests for dispensations were received.

109/18 Declarations of interest on the agenda

No declarations of interest were received

110/18 Minutes

Resolved – the minutes of the meeting held on the 21st of May 2018 were received and signed by the chairman as a true record.

111/18 Adjournment of the meeting

No questions asked or matters raised.

112/18 Reports

§ PCSO Irving emailed advising that the next council/police meeting was on the 21st of September at 7.30pm in Thursby.

§ Cllr Fairbairn – no report received.

§ Northern Fells Group – no report received.

113/18 Financial Statements

§ The current balances & bank reconciliation of the Council’s Bank Accounts as at 31st of July 2018 were noted and approved.

§ The current 2018/19 budget was reviewed and approved.

§ The official NatWest account closure forms were approved and signed by the Chairman & Clerk.

114/18 Payment of Accounts

The following payments were considered & authorised for payment;

§ Fasthosts – Domain Renewal £ 23.98

§ Fasthosts – Website £122.63

115/18 Receipts

The following receipts received were noted;

Electricity North West (Wayleaves) £17.08

Mr Todd - Rent £ 5.00

HMRC (VAT refund) £19.97

116/18 Planning Matters

Devolved decision of No Objection by the clerk following consultation with Chairman & Councillors as response requested prior to the August meeting on the following planning applications;

Ref No: 2/2018/0296 – Demolition of two redundant stone barns & erection of showroom & offices – Old Carlisle Farm, Wigton.

Ref No: HOU/2018/0121 – Erection of a detached garage/workshop – Larkspur, Church Hill.

Ref No: 2/2018/0302 – Prior approval of proposed change of use of agricultural building to two dwelling houses – Mrs Pratt, The Gardens, Brackenthwaite – Prior Notification Approval not Required – Allerdale Borough Council 07/08/18.

The following grant of planning permission was noted;

Ref No: HOU/2018/0093-Proposed single storey side extension, internal alterations & patio – Station House, Curthwaite – Mr & Mrs D Johnston.

The following planning application was received after the issue of the agenda;

Ref No. HOU/2018/0176 – Insertion of two windows to ground floor – Farthings, Wigton – Mr Michael Moorhouse – No Objection.

117/18 Correspondence

The following correspondence received were noted;

Clerks & Councils Direct – July Issue

Rosley Link & Westward Newsletters – Thanks for donation

CALC – AGM Information

CALC – June Newsletter

CALC – July Newsletter

Cumbria Highways – Restoration of Traditional Highway Direction Signs

CALC – Membership Subscriptions Review 2018

118/18 Highways

The street light at Rosley Hall which also covers the school entrance has been inoperative for sometime – clerk to request it be repaired. The signpost at the junction of the Brocklebank road and the road to Bolton New Houses is pointing in the wrong direction and therefore misleading. The signpost at Gerrard House requires repairing. Recent road works on the road to Bluegate crossroads caused major disruption due to no prior warning & no signage at Red Dial crossroads advising the road was closed – clerk to contact highways. There is a large hole, possibly a missing manhole cover in the verge at Rosley crossroads (last field on right hand side) – Cllr Brown to look at.

119/18 Superfast Broadband

The following email update was received from Cumbria Fibre Partnerships;

This has been sitting with our Planners for weeks now and they have reported it’s   proving just impossible to do.  The postcodes are too random and spread over far too large an area to even be considered as  a technical solution - or even one that does not cost 100’s of £1000s. The Parish Council need to really reconsider their approach on this.  Asking people if they are interested then sending in postcodes with very few properties that are miles and miles apart clearly isn’t working. Can I suggest that we arrange for the Parish Council to meet up with Paul Cretney and look at what may actually be possible on a much smaller scale?  Community Fibre Partnerships work at their best when small clusters of populated areas are identified and looked at in isolation. We have tried really hard on this one but, unfortunately, we just can’t work with what has been provided. Can you let me know re a meeting and I can ask Paul for availability.

Clerk to progress meeting with Paul Cretney.

120/18 Speeding Vehicles on the Rosley Road

An email from Rory Stewart advised that he had not yet heard from Cumbria County Council but he would chase their response today. He advised he would be unable to attend the parish council meeting as he would not be in the constituency that day, however he would continue to do what he could to support the parish council.

121/18 Parish Noticeboards

The Northern Fells - ‘Men in Sheds’ have now taken the cork off the Rosley & Westward boards and replaced it with soft wood. Hopefully the new board at Curthwaite will be installed before the next meeting.

122/18 Defibrillators

Rosley & Westward both have defibrillators. A group in Curthwaite are currently trying to get funding to make up the shortfall to purchase a machine for Curthwaite which would go into the telephone box. The parish council advised that they would help out where they could.

123/18 Clerk’s Resignation

The clerk’s resignation was noted and accepted by the council. Vacancy to be advertised on the parish noticeboards, via CALC & in the parish newsletter.

124/18 Items for inclusion on the next Agenda

Clerk Vacancy

125/18 Date and time of next meeting

It was noted that the next meeting of the Parish Council would be held on Monday the 19th of November 2018 in Rosley Village Hall, commencing at 7.00pm.

The Chairman thanked everyone for attending & the meeting was closed at 8.30pm.