About Westward Parish

Westward Parish is situated some eight miles to the west of Carlisle, between the small town of Wigton and the village of Caldbeck which is on the edge of the Lake District.

Westward Parish has two wards, Rosley and Westward. The two communities are very similar in their composition; both are rural with scattered settlements.

The parish has two churches, St. Hilda’s in Westward and Holy Trinity in Rosley. The Reverend Norman Robinson is vicar of both. Holy Trinity was originally a chapel of ease for the parish of Westward but in 1868 Rosley became an ecclesiastic parish in its own right.

Rosley Village Hall

We have three halls, one in Rosley and two in Westward although the two in Westward are joined and can serve as one unit.  Both venues are well used by our community providing opportunities to meet together and engage in the activities of a vibrant community.  The Parish Council meets in either Rosley or Westward  halls.
Rosley Church of England School is now the only school in the parish.  It is open to children of infant and primary age.  There is also a popular nursery unit on the site.  The current school building was opened in 1961 and has recently been extended.  When the school extension was officially opened the celebrations were attended by several families who could boast three or more generations of pupils of the school.  This stability of the population is balanced by a number of in-comers to the area. The school has its own website a link to which can be found in our useful links webpage.

The map below shows the parish boundary. Allow your mouse to roam around the map and see some of the sites of interest in our parish.