The Community Plan

The Community Plan, created by members of the community under the leadership of Community Plan Co-ordinator and parish councillor, Fraser Shaw, was published in April 2007.

Community plans provide a wish list for the community. Over time it is inevitable that the needs of the parish will change so the plan will be regularly reviewed and updated. The picture on the cover is already out of date as we now have two aerials in place!


Westward now has a website ( and Rosley has its own website (

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Dog Fouling

This continues to be a problem: it was agreed to contact Allerdale Borough Council again for signs to put in the worst affected areas.


Westward continues to be a low crime area.

The parish is now part of a SID (Speed Indicator Device) scheme.  In partnership with nine other parishes two SIDs are available on a ten week rotation.  It was asked if it would be possible to have a published rota of when and where the SIDs would be when it is the turn of the Parish to have them. They have been in Westward twice now and both times were placed in the Westward part of the parish.

There was considerable consternation at the assertion that the parish had need for only one additional social house and one low cost house over the period to 2012.  The Parish Council have made attempts to get someone from the council to come and discuss the concerns of the parish on this matter and it was resolved to ask them to try again to do this.  Two members of the Community Plan Committee attended a meeting in Melmerby on June 26th which was examining the role of affordable housing in assisting rural sustainability: the Allerdale Housing Needs Officer has agreed to come to talk about affordable housing in Westward and Rosley.

The width restrictions imposed on Parish roads have been a great success and it was generally agreed that the verges have recovered but more importantly it was felt that the roads were safer for all.  The continuing monitoring of the restriction is an excellent example of self-help in the Community, which is one of the reasons a community Plan was wanted.

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The school now have their playing field: they have developed a play area and summer house within the school grounds.

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