Council Members

William Brown

Craggs Farm, Rosley

016973 42832

Jennifer Robinson

Wallace Lane Sawmill, Brocklebank

016974 78298

Tonia Rothery

East Woodside, Wigton

016973 42528

Barbara Stoddart

Sunnybank, Westward

016973 42452

Roger Studholme

Whinney Bank, Studfold, Wigton

016973 42023

Thomas Todd
Thomas Todd

Wyndharm Farm, Brocklebank


016974 78272

John Hartley

West View, Rosley, Wigton, CA7 8BZ


Elizabeth Osbourne

White House, Brackenthwhaite

016974 42229

Steven Brockbank

Westward Park, Westward, Wigton

016973 42794

Elizabeth Clark - Clerk

11 Standingstone Heights, Wigton CA7 9DS

016973 45665

Trackback from Todd - ....

The recent snow and cold weather has caused chaos on our local roads. Simple tasks like walking the dog or going to the post box have become a real danger for our elderly residents.
Would it be possible to arrange for some proper yellow grit bins in key places, like both ends of the church hill road, penrith road turn off and the bad bend afterwards, beckbottom etc.
The current grit on the side of the roads seems to do nothing other than killing the plant life and getting washed away. Surely we should be looking at a proper long term solution.

Thanks for you comments. We have been looking to purchase more grit bins each year.

The next meeting is scheduled for February the 8th and the recent spell of bad weather is high on the agdenda.

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